Round-tailed Manakins at the Manu Birding Lodge

This will be my first post in my new wordpress blog. Here’s a video of Round-tailed Manakins at lek site that our guide, Saturnino, discovered at the Manu Birding Lodge on a recent trip my wife and me took in Peru. You can see the branch is worn from the displays of the males there. In the video you see their characteristic side to side slide. The male(s) in this video must be a immature male because adult male Round-tailed Manakins are black with red heads. However, I’m not completely sure about this since I am by no means an expert on the birds of Peru. This was fascinating to watch nonetheless and I wish we would have returned to film them some more but we opted to go somewhere else later that day. Exploring a different part of the Peruvian jungle usually meant something different would be discovered anyhow. That’s typically what happened for us. Enjoy the video!

Here’s a male Rufous-crested Coquette from our trip as well. I’m learning wordpress and wanted to insert a photo. This was taken at Waqanki Lodge, San Martín, Peru. This is hummingbird induced a sensory overload of sorts for me and I became obsessed in photographing it.


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