Trump’s unhinged rally in Arizona.

Our national embarassment still thinks he is campaigning. If you watch his rally, it’s all about Trump. It’s not about the United States. It’s about Trump. It’s about making him feel better after a disastrous week, last week. He basically painted himself as the victim of last week’s insanity. He claims the press is dishonest but Trump lies as causally as he breathes. Sadly, the American press is struggling, there are issues with our press. However, Trump is the biggest liar in American politics ever. Fox News is the best news network? Hannity is a honest person? What’s truly troubling is his supporters. He hasn’t accomplished a thing but there they are. Many Republicans I think have had enough and are starting to openly criticize the walking tire fire, Trump, and his fitness for office. Trump gets on the television on Monday and tells us to unite but then at this rally he spends time criticizing people and divides us. Which one is it, President Trump? Do you want to just speak to your base and make yourself feel better? Or do you want to start working and governing for all the people? I think Trump can’t handle the complexities of governing or leading our country and I think he doesn’t really want to. Trump has done significant damage to our system of government and will continue to do so unless Congress gets off their asses and does something about it.

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