Parrots of the Collpa Guacamayo de Blanquillo (Clay Lick) in Peru.

Here’s another installment from our recent tour from Peru. We booked through Amazon Birding Peru and went with Saturnino¬†Llactahuaman, a superb guide and owner of the Manu Birding Lodge. The Manu Birding Lodge is located on the Rio Madre de Dios and is only about a 30 minute boat-ride to the clay lick. I recently…… Continue reading Parrots of the Collpa Guacamayo de Blanquillo (Clay Lick) in Peru.

Hurricane Harvey: Blame the gays.

The evangelical Christians and Trump supporters are making their rounds with the same old sickening reaction from a natural disaster: just blame the gays. This type of reaction by religious people is the ‘poison’ that Christopher Hitchens referred to when he famously stated, “Religion poisons everything.” For all the moderate religious people that stick to…… Continue reading Hurricane Harvey: Blame the gays.

Suburban Mississippi kites

Last year I was thrilled to discover a pair of Mississippi kites conducting courtship in the neighbor’s tree right across the street. The tree was literally 50 yards from my front door. I’m a raptor freak. Most of my early background in the wildlife field was spent studying or counting raptors. I’m always trying to…… Continue reading Suburban Mississippi kites