Raptors from our Peru trips

Here’s a compilation of the raptors from our two tours of Peru. We went on two trips to Peru, the first one in 2016 and the second one this past July. My wife and I enjoy traveling and going on birding and wildlife adventures. My wife has a real knack for planning and finding places…… Continue reading Raptors from our Peru trips

The Scarlet-banded Barbet quest: Plataforma, Peru.

Here’s another installment from our recent tour of Peru which happened to be the first leg of our tour. When my wife was communicating with Saturnino, our guide, prior to our tour, Satu suggested adding Plataforma to go see the Scarlet-banded Barbet, an endemic barbet. The Scarlet-banded Barbet was only just recently discovered and officially…… Continue reading The Scarlet-banded Barbet quest: Plataforma, Peru.